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Kumbo Council Staff/EXCO Drilled on Child Protection Issues

Kumbo Council Staff/EXCO Drilled on Child Protection Issues

Holding against the backdrop of Kumbo Council’s partnership with the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS) the main objective of this workshop was for participants to gain knowledge on the various dispositions available and also to take concrete actions to protect children. In attendance were eighty (80) staff members of...
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Kumbo Council strengthens Cooperation ties with Lacrosse-Wisconsin

Kumbo Council strengthens Cooperation ties with Lacrosse-Wisconsin

A delegation of seven made up of the following persons: 1) Sara Sullivan - Former City of La Crosse Council Member and Official Representative of La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat 2) Nickijo Hager- Vice President of Mission and Organizational Learning, Mayo Clinic - Franciscan 3) Sister Helen Elsbernd - Vice President, Franciscan Sisters...
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Kumbo Council KOICA Partnership

Kumbo Council KOICA Partnership

Within the framework of the partnership between Kumbo Council and the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), a workshop on Rural Development was organized to sensitize participants on the training opportunities available in Korea and to design and provide comprehensive training programs which take cognizance of local realities for the next...
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Kumbo Council Seeks ways to curb mental illnesses

In collaboration with the Family Care Center of the Banso Baptist Hospital that treats people with mental, neurological and substance use disorders, Kumbo Council held a workshop titled ‘’No Health Without Mental Health’’. The objective of this workshop was to develop the capacity of community members to ensure sustainable mental...
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CBM's Working Visit to Kumbo Council

This visit was in line the memorandum of understanding the Kumbo Council signed with the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services in 2015. The MOU has as main objective to promote inclusive development, making sure that persons with disability involved in all project stages. The CBM team therefore came to evaluate...
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Mayor's Cup, a pathway to peace and unity

The 11th edition of the Kumbo Council Mayor’s Cup Competition final was played 18th December 2016. This is an annual sports event organized by the Kumbo Council since 2006 to encourage youths and to expose their sporting talents in games such football, handball and basketball.The Football Final was played between...
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12th Edition of Mayor’s Day

As tradition demands, Kumbo Council commemorated the 12th edition of Mayor’s Day on 20th and 21st April 2017. Unlike previous edition, it was a two day event beginning on day one with a visit at the Kumbo Principal Prison where the over 129 inmates received basic needs and a grinding...
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Plans for 2017 x-rayed  during Budget Session

Plans for 2017 x-rayed during Budget Session

Kumbo Council on Thursday, December 1, 2016, voted a budget balanced in income and expenditure at the sum of FCFA 896,295,752, in an ordinary Council session. In comparison to last year’s budget, there is an increase of 11.3% worth FCFA 91.467.150 in absolute terms. This projected increase is because rigorous revenue...
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Kumbo Council Wins FEICOM Award Again

Kumbo Council Wins FEICOM Award Again

Kumbo Council again emerged victorious at the Special Council Support Fund for Mutual Assistance, FEICOM, and National Award for Councils’ Local Development Best Practices. She won the second edition for the Regional Prize for Northwest Region launched in partnership with the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, UN-HABITAT, worth FCFA 2...
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Kumbo Council's Excellence Awards

Kumbo Council's Excellence Awards

Forty (40) public and lay private schools in Kumbo each received a prize of excellence from the Kumbo Council for their performances during the end of course examinations in the 2015/2016 academic year. This initiative came into being some five years ago to encourage schools that perform extremely well by...
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Kids Corner of Kumbo Public Library

Kids Corner of Kumbo Public Library

The Kumbo Council Bernard Fonlon Information Centre; the Kumbo Public Library. Nowadays, many people think that libraries are a thing of the past due to the digital revolution and the rise of a gadget captivated society, thus the role of libraries is being undervalued especially by youths. That...
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Waste Disposal Project:

With the aid of heavy equipment, the Kumbo Council has successfully discarded several tones of organic and solid waste at the second hand goods market at Mbveh. This has given this sector of the Mbveh market a face lift.

Kumbo Council Heaps on Waste Collection:

In order to have a clean and healthy environment for her inhabitants, Kumbo Council recently launched a serious campaign on waste collection around the second-hand goods section of the Kumbo Main Market.

For some years now, random disposal of waste in this area had formed a huge heap of solid and decomposed organic waste around the place, giving an ugly and unhealthy look.

With the recent acquisition of heavy road equipment (front-end loader, grader, and compactor) and the hiring of some 5 trucks the Kumbo Council organized an intensive collection of this heap of garbage. Several tons of decomposed waste have been collected from this area and deposited at the dumpsite at Mbah in the outskirts of Kumbo, thereby giving that area of the market a new and much better look.

It is worth mentioning that the Lord Mayor of the Kumbo Council, Njong Fonyuy Donatus and his deputies, accompanied by a mammoth crowd, were present at the scene to witness the collection of this waste. This exercise has served as a great sensitization campaign not only to traders but to all inhabitants of Kumbo town to always keep their surroundings clean, following Kumbo Council’s example of teaching by doing.

Kumbo Council Strengthens her Institution:

The Strategic Goal One of the Kumbo Council Strategic Plan for the period 2009-2013 aims at improving the institutional capacity of Kumbo Council so as to facilitate service delivery to the population by 2013. For that purpose, Kumbo Council has embarked in a process called ´Strengthening of the Council´, with the help of a newly created TAP Committee (Transparency, Accountability and Participation) in the Council.

The process of ´Strengthening of the Council´ aims at providing a ´Institutional Assessment´ of the Council. This is a study and analysis of the Council´s working routines in terms of formal policies, procedures, human resources, etc; mainly consisting of Document Review and Qualitative Research by means of interviews to key staff members, councilors and local representatives of ministries, and questionnaires to citizens. The data gathered would allow Kumbo Council to work to strengthen the possible weaknesses identified in order to give a better response to the needs of citizens in terms of Transparency, Accountability and Participation.

Citizens´ inputs are paramount for the success of this process. Citizens´ Questionnaires have been are administered to a sample of citizens, with the help of the Councilors in their respective constituencies, with the aim of getting the views and opinions of all citizens, for whom the Council works. It is composed of easy to understand, close-ended and open-ended questions, such as:

1.  Have you seen the Council budget?
2.  Do you know how the Council hires its staff?
3.  Do you think the Council provides good basic services to all its citizens?
4.  Do you think the Lord Mayor is a good leader for your community?
5.  Do you think the Council does its job properly?
6.  Do you think the Council staff does its job properly?
7.  Do you think the Council manages its projects well?
8.  Do you think the Council manages its funds adequately?
9.  Are you informed about the activities of the Council?
10. Do you know how to tell the Council what you think about the services the Council provides?
11. Do you think the Council makes decision based on the needs of its citizens?
12. Do you know whether the Council works with local representatives of the ministries on development activities?
13. Do you know whether the Council works with NGO’s and other organizations on development activities?
14. Do you know whether the Council has a development plan for the community?
15. What are your hopes and expectations of your Council?
16. What do you want to know from your Council?

The results will be posted in the website (www.kumbocouncil.org) of Kumbo Council where Citizens will be able to express their suggestions. Focus on Kumbo will also report on them. As an example, to the statement ´I am informed about Council activities´ 348 citizens replied:

  Yes - 102 / 29%
  Mostly – 157 / 45 %
  Rarely – 40 / 12 %
  No – 49 / 14 %.

As 26% of Citizens have affirmed that they are rarely or never informed about Council activities, Kumbo Council will improve on this existing information gap. The Council in session already adopted the resolution on the creation on a Community Radio in Kumbo. The Council has already embarked on the search for funding for this project.

84 Mass Civil Marriages Contrated in Kumbo:

For some time now, the Kumbo Council has engaged in the celebration of mass civil marriages. So far, 84 mass civil marriages have been contracted, in two sessions. The initiative saw the light of day, thanks to the joint efforts of the Women Empowerment Institute Cameroon (WEICAM); a Kumbo based nongovernmental organization, with some 5 female volunteers from France and the United States of America, and the Kumbo Council.

Speaking to Focus on Kumbo, Mme. Geraldine Selamo, Director of WEICAM disclosed that this initiative came up because they had had several cases of seizure of property reported in her office by widows and children. There had also been cases of domestic violence reported to her. When the organization sought legal advice, there was no way a case could be established because of the non availability of marriage certificates by the complainants.

In this regard, WEICAM carried out some studies and found out that just 17% of supposedly married people in Kumbo were actually legally married. It is form this premise, that WEICAM carried out a sensitization campaign to encourage couples who have been living together to legalize their unions.

Mme Selamo also intimated that her NGO will organize other programs for couples such as lessons on hygiene, dealing with marital problems, and general care of the home. This, according to her, is meant to help couples sustain their marriages. Mass marriages shall henceforth be organized in the Kumbo Council every quarter.

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